Novato Chamber Leadership | Class of 2019

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March 09, 2018

The Novato Chamber is proud of its comprehensive leadership program which proudly partners with the City of Novato, the Novato Unified School District, the Novato Sanitary District, the North Marin Water District and the Novato Fire Protection District. By providing students with knowledge and perspectives from the point of view of the special districts, historical families, business owners, nonprofits and other community organizations students begin to understand how their community has come to be. Students also begin to formulate opinions, ideas and learn the skills necessary to implement their ideas in their daily lives.

Along with knowledge, students gain valuable leadership skills. Through a ‘strengths-based’ training and by working with their teams on a group project, students learn critical leadership skills. By establishing teams, Leadership Novato imparts valuable wisdom on team dynamics, chain of command, delegation, communication, creativity and most importantly, cooperation.

Thank you for continuing the support the partnership between the Novato Chamber and the public agencies that have made this program such a success. You are taking the first steps in joining a long established legacy of community partners.

Novato Leadership Application - PDF Download - Handwritten Application